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   Our Story

Promising Israeli athletes face many challenges to their academic and athletic development.

The goal of earning an academic degree and succeeding in their sport is often a struggle. 

In 2015 my journey led me to South Bend, IN were I was exposed to the world of college sports - I decided to return to Israel and create change.

As a longtime sports fan, one of the highlights of my time in South Bend was getting to know the ins and outs of collegiate athletics, living so close to the University of Notre Dame. This made me realize a change is needed for young Israeli athletes with a big dream - fulfill their full potential.

I founded UVision to help bridge the gap and turn dreams into reality while assist the young men and women with their careers, player development, studies, together with supporting their college admissions, applications, SAT preparations, etc.

Our Team

Yuval Shaham, CEO

Phone: 054-5551515 | Email:

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