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Step 1- Evaluation

  • Learn the athletes' skills and abilities

  • Provide guidance to the athlete for a highlight video 

  • Explain the recruiting process

Step 2 - Player Profile       

  • Assist athletes on how to build an outstanding player profile, including highlights, full games, academic record and recommendations letters

  • Set future students expectations for basic academic demands (Transcripts, athlete SAT, Toefl registration and high school certificate)

Step 3 - Applications 

  • Help Student-athletes to submit relevant documents and register to the College Athletic Association portal. 

  • Upon completion the student is provided with College eligibility and academic status. 

 Step 4 - Contacting Colleges      

  • Student-athletes contact College staff by themselves, using the player profile they created and coaches begin building relationships with the athletes.

  • Examples of communication can include, telephone, social media and email.

Step 5 - Administration

  • Begin submission of student visas

  • Finalize admission process with chosen college

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